Tens of Millions of pounds are spent each year on leadership communication events, roadshows and values programmes.  Most of these are a waste of money and don’t provide adequate return on investment.  Why? Not because the leaders aren’t compelling or trustworthy (although this is sometimes the case) but because after the rah-rah events, middle and senior managers are expected to sustain the momentum with gusto, yet are rarely equipped with the content, skills and capability to do so.  They also don't have the time - when their ‘day job’ takes up 99% of their energy. 

I have a strong belief that organisations that will truly sustain high performance long-term are those that have senior leaders and line managers that understand their role as ‘culture builders’.  Senior leaders need to enable managers to engage their people to deliver by giving the space, encouragement and development to each of them.  Middle managers need to value themselves for being people managers as well as task focused and then work across five fundamental roles.  These are the companies that will ride the economic waves and be with us in the future. 

My mission is to enable leaders and managers across the world to truly shine.  My new book is a step towards this.  Called The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance, it includes practical approaches for leaders and managers to help people invest more of themselves in their work each day.  It’s packed full of case studies, best practice and practical how-to’s for managers to engage their people to sustain performance.  Inspiration from exceptional CEOs and business leaders from a range of organisations are featured including Diageo, Logica, Sony, Pfizer, Solarcentury, Innocent, UKTV and John Lewis Partnership.  The book is now available to order. For more detail, check our Culture Builders Website.