“Jane and I worked together at Sony during a time of great change within the business. The elements of management that she brought to the party, which differentiated her from many others in the Senior Management team, were her passion, drive and total focus to deliver. The challenging programme of change that we worked upon required excellent collaboration, clear communication and energy, all of which Jane provides in spades. If change teams throughout my subsequent career had enjoyed the benefit of having a Jane, many initiatives that struggled, stalled or failed to deliver their benefits would have undoubtedly had a much greater chance of success. A true professional.”
Lesley Morgan, CIO, Hachette Publishing

“Jane has a real gift for communicating, she is equally comfortable and skillful in presenting in large gatherings as in smaller groups involving questioning and dialogue. She is warm and professional in her style and highly articulate and clear.”
Sarah Henbrey, Director, People & Organisational Development, Sony Electronics, Europe

“I have worked with Jane over more than 5 years and have found her to be a fantastic communicator and a first class facilitator. Jane's professional understanding of how different people engage means that she's great at finding the approach and style that works for each particular audience. The feedback I'd get after events that Jane supported me with has left me in no doubt that she really knows what she's doing!”
Naomi Climer, Vice President, Professional Solutions Europe, Sony